Limited Use Policy

All ExcelProjectTemplate products:

You may purchase or download the template (the "software") for your personal, non-transferable and non-commercial use. You may make archival copies for yourself.

We define "personal use" as non-commercial use by you only, on your own computer (or small number of computers); for example you may use the workbook on your personal or work laptop, desktop computer, and on your own mobile device. You may not send a workbook copy to your friends or colleagues; instead direct them to for each to download their own.

This software or any document including or derived from this software may NOT be sold, distributed, published to an online gallery, or placed on a public server such as the internet without the express written permission of ExcelProjectTemplate.

You may not remove or alter any logo, trademark, copyright, brand, hyperlink, terms of use, attribution, or other proprietary notices or marks within the template.

We define "commercial use" as any use in which a person or business or commercial entity derives or attempts to derive monetary gain and benefit, either directly or indirectly, from the use of this software or its components. This includes corporations, LLCs, sole-proprietorships, home-based businesses, internet-based businesses and other organizations.

Do not delete the worksheet "Index" from your copy of ExcelProjectTemplate.

For business (non-personal) license information please contact ExcelProjectTemplate sales.

Questions about the Limited Use Policy?

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